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Customized Mechanical Gear Injection Mold

Customized Mechanical Gear Injection Mold

Customized Mechanical Gear Injection Mold

Custom injection molds for complex mechanical gears

JinkeMold internal plastic gear injection molding customization

Fupai Mould has accumulated rich experience, correct business philosophy, strict marketing management, and standardized operation. The company is based on the business philosophy of "learning, sincerity, earnest, and trustworthiness", and honest service has won the trust and satisfaction of customers. Have a good reputation in the same industry and customers. Injection molding plastic switches, plastic products injection molding, smart home controller switch injection molding, pet dog bowl injection molding, auto lamp mold injection molding, swing lever injection molding, etc.

For a long time, we have established a solid cooperative relationship with many companies. With the continuous development and growth of our business, the range of partners has been further expanded.

JinkeMold internal plastic gear injection molding customization

Due to the high pressure of the melt, the cavity of the large injection mold is prone to large deformation, and the elastic deformation increases with the increase of the size and pressure of the cavity. (2) Requirements for cavity composition. Compared with small and medium-sized injection molds, the cavity and core structure of large-scale injection molds are more complicated. In order to improve efficiency and save raw materials, large-scale injection molds often use modular cavity structures, and more complex cavity combinations require higher requirements. Die-cutting mold injection processing is based on a predetermined shape, through precision processing and cutting, so that the material becomes a customized component of different sizes.

(1) Steel castings and mandrels that can handle heat. The important design of any machine used to polish large parts is a large steel casting and a mandrel that can handle heat. Steel castings are still stable materials in terms of machine forming, strengthening of hardness and reducing heat. As for the mandrel, internal technology must be used for cooling to ensure that the mandrel will not self-ignite or cause errors due to high temperature. In order to make the surface of the large injection mold meet the good quality requirements,

In order to allow customers to get better services, we continue to improve our internal management, thereby comprehensively improving our overall market competitiveness, so that customers can enjoy a full range of high-quality intimate services. In a good environment where talents gather, competition mechanism and team spirit have become the essence of our development.

Adhering to the correct business philosophy and strict marketing management system, based on the principle of honesty and reasonable prices, it has established a solid and good cooperative relationship with many companies in the local and surrounding areas.

JinkeMold internal plastic gear injection molding customization

Many users are concerned about the product design and development speed, which ignores the reasonable communication unit of the injection mold. 1. Ensure the rationality of the mold manufacturing product structure, improve the mold design plan, and improve the quality of product molding. 2. Mold manufacturers can prepare in advance, reserve buffer space and prevent hasty consideration. 3. Only through reasonable communication between product developers and mold manufacturers can the mold production cycle be shortened, the number of modifications and tests can be reduced, and savings Unnecessary costs and waste. The basic method is to improve the quality of injection molds. The design of the mold is one of the important steps. In order to improve the quality of the mold, many factors need to be considered, including the selection of mold materials, availability and safety of mold structure, mold workability and mold maintenance Convenient, the design should be considered more carefully. Mold manufacturing process is also an important part of ensuring mold quality.

There is no cold material demoulding, and the runner and gate are directly on the product, so the runner does not need to be demolded. This system is also called a nozzleless system, which can save raw materials and is suitable for situations where raw materials are more expensive and products are more demanding. Difficulty in design and processing, high mold cost. The temperature in the injection mold is uneven at various points, which is also related to the time point in the cycle. The function of the mold temperature machine is to keep the temperature constant between 2min and 2max, which means to prevent the temperature difference from fluctuating up and down during the production process or the gap. The following control methods are suitable for controlling the temperature of the mold:

Company culture

The company joins hands with its employees to achieve win-win development

Work philosophy: think for customers, think for customers

Talent concept: people make the best use of their talents

Market concept: attitude determines the market

Customer concept: exceed customer expectations

Service tenet: reasonable price, keeping promises, safe and fast.

1. High corrosion resistance Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the surface of the cavity. This corrosion causes the metal on the surface of the cavity to corrode and peel off, the surface condition becomes worse, and the quality of the plastic parts deteriorates. Therefore, use corrosion-resistant steel, or perform chromium plating and cymbal nickel treatment on the cavity surface. 2. Good wear resistance. The gloss and precision of the surface of plastic parts are directly related to the wear resistance of the surface of the plastic mold cavity, especially when glass fiber, inorganic fillers and certain pigments are added to some plastics. Together with the plastic melt, it flows at high speed in the runner and mold cavity, and has great friction on the surface of the cavity. If the material is not wear-resistant, it will wear out quickly, which will damage the quality of the plastic part.

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